Advance reservation for the botanical calendar 2022 (International shipment)

platycerium 2022 calendar anthurium philodendron monstera botanical illustration aroid vandaka plants Hsueh Yu-hsin
platycerium Shankha ビカクシダ シャンカ 白法螺 アンスリウム フィロデンドロン アロイド ビカクシダ モンステラ platycerium 植物カレンダー 2022 calendar anthurium philodendron monstera botanical illustration 植物画 aroid

For our customers outside Japan, we are now available to take pre-orders for the beautiful botanical calendar 2022.

It is of the illustrations drawn by Taiwanese painter,Hsueh Yu-hsin.

You can order it from the link below ↓

This year the pictures are of plants from aroid family suich as anthriums,philodendrons and others together with platyceriums and begonias.

Last year we sold out all the calendar very soon after reliesing.

This year we have more copies but still limited in number,so we recommend you to reserve in advance.

It is a very beautiful product made with care taken in every detail,such as high quality print and paper,and binder part made of real cypress wood.

Simple and beautiful calendar must be a good interior accent.

We plan to ship the calendar from the first part of December 2021.

We wish you have a happy new year together with delicate and brilliant botanical illustrations.

For the domestic shipments inside Japan, go to our Japanese online store.