vandaka plants × Spectre ”aurora conveni bag” is now on sale! (can be shipped overseas)

For all the platycerium lovers and for those who don’t know it yet…

“aurora conveni bag” has been released and it can be shipped overseas as well !!!

It is made of a special reflective material (LIGHT FORCE®) and glows in aurora color when exposed to light in the dark.

It is designed based on a pattern of “conveni” (Japanese convenience store)  bag, which is very useful. It can be folded very small so easy to carry with.

With the stylish design, it can be used in any scene, multi-purpose and handy AND increase your safety in the dark.

The silky velvet texture of the special fabric is irresistible and addictive.

I’m sure it will be your good company!

It is a collaboration product of vandaka plants and Spectre.

It comes as a limited set together with our original phosphorescent sticker.


like we all can.

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Size when used: H650×W370×D200(mm)

Folded size: H150×W50(mm)

Weight: 122g

Material: Nylon

Made in China

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